Electrochemical Processes: Emerging Applications for Enhanced Sustainability

Water the generous gift of nature is sure to become scarce unless the ever growing population is enlightened enough in handling the increasing stress and to avoid the crisis due to the expanding demand for this precious commodity. Management of water and its resources by conservation and its judicious use help to preserve the available water. Even then, whether it is from surface or underground sources, it has become impossible to obtain good quality water for human consumption. Thus, the dwindling quantity and lessening the quality of water require effective steps to be taken urgently for the sustenance of the living being of today and tomorrow. Water scarcity also affects ecosystem as numerous species might not be able to cope up with a decrease in the availability of freshwater. The development of sustainable, robust and energy efficient water purification technology is greatest challenges of this century. Currently available water treatment processes are based on biological, physical, physicochemical, chemical, thermal and electrochemical methods. Each treatment process has its distinct advantages/disadvantages over the other ones


S. Vasudevan
CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute, India

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