Ion-selective electrodes: As a tool for electrochemical sensor applications

Chemical Sensors are used for monitoring structural integrity of reactor containment buildings and nuclear waste repository, control of nuclear power plants, pollution monitoring and leakages of toxic gases/chemicals. Present work is based on developing ion selective electrodes (ISEs) based on PVC membrane, which includes Schiff base ligands and their complexes, macrocyclic ligands as ionophores for sensing different metal ions. Ion selective electrodes have been prepared and the electrodes performance was optimized by varying the amounts of PVC, plasticizers, ionophores and cation/anion excluders. Various characteristic features of these proposed chemical sensors with different parameters such as response time, selectivity, lifetime and pH effect on sensor response have been studied. The semicarbazide and thiosemicarbazide based Schiff base ligands and their metal complexes have been synthesised and used for the fabrication of electrochemical sensors or ion- selective electrodes. The proposed ISEs were successfully applied for the determination of various cations and anions in water samples and also as an indicator electrode in potentiometric titrations.


Dr. Chandra Mohan K. R. Mangalam University, India

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